Project know-how from SAUTER

SAUTER project know-how did not just come out of the blue. Through the efficient and successful development of countless small and large projects, we have gained invaluable knowledge of the building automation sector over more than 100 years.

And we’ve never come to a standstill: the SAUTER Academy ensures that we continue to develop, passing on practical and theoretical expertise to all our staff. Additionally, the innovative SAUTER CASE Suite (Computer-Aided SAUTER Engineering), which was developed in-house, has knowledge libraries that enable easy know-how transfer within our company.

SAUTER CASE expertise

  • SAUTER CASE enables solutions that have proven themselves in practice to be reused via intelligent libraries.
  • SAUTER CASE accompanies the project team from the planning phase to the implementation, and to on-going operating and energy optimisation in the utilisation phase.
  • SAUTER CASE guarantees reliable planning, including a knowledge database and solution libraries.
  • Assurance of high quality standards throughout.

With instruments like this, we can combine tradition and the latest technology, which distinguishes SAUTER from its competitors and makes us one of the most sought-after service providers worldwide in the building automation sector. These tools help create state-of-the-art buildings and ground-breaking solutions for energy efficiency, investment protection and availability.

You benefit from our experience

Work processes developed and proven over years of practical experience provide you with the highest level of planning security and always guarantee efficient project processing. SAUTER ensures that even the most complex tasks are mastered intelligently, and we are your partner for fulfilling your requirements reliably. Additionally, we always act in a sustainable and responsible manner with regard to our environment and the people who occupy it. All of which tells our customers: you can always rely on us.

Outstanding in every way

The largest Dutch bank in the private customer sector attaches great importance to efficient energy consumption. In the new building of the Rabobank head office, the air-conditioning, emergency power units, internal transport systems and more than 100 frequency converters communicate with each other via BACnet/IP and SAUTER novaPro Open. This suits the flexibility concept of the company precisely, and enables step-by-step, adjustable expansion.


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