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As a long-time partner of renowned pharmaceutical companies and research institutes worldwide, SAUTER has comprehensive know-how in the control and regulation of modern installations. Why not let your clean rooms and laboratories also benefit from this expertise? We take on the complete planning and implementation of your project. With SAUTER, you have complete control from the very beginning.

Our expertise is the integration of laboratories into a building management system.
The control and monitoring of laboratories and fume cupboards is always a part of the higher-level building management system. Therefore, it is important that the integration of the rooms into the system is complete and open. The certified laboratory automation stations from SAUTER, which are based on the BACnet/IP protocol, enable a simple and direct connection to the building automation network. Data is transmitted quickly and reliably via Ethernet, which ensures that conditions remain safe in your laboratories at all times. Our monitoring software, novaPro Open, visualises all information in a clear and structured manner. In accordance with the current GMP requirements, all relevant data and all user interventions are recorded without exception and in a tamper-proof manner in a database.

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