Industrial/Biomedical Control System Design:


Designing control system for clean room, laboratory and isolation room requires strong engineering background and a very thorough understanding of the process of the system being designed. The concept of designing a clean room, laboratory and isolation room automation system is very different from a commercial structure system.

The industrial controls concept of redundancy, system hot standby, maximum throughput, minimum down time and many more safety procedures and methods have to be thoroughly examined, understood, designed and adhered to, before a system can be implemented. All these requires experience and qualified personnel.


We are glad to say that we have the necessary experience and qualified staff and proven controls solution to design a working clean room, laboratories and critical environmental controls system.

Project Management:

Implementing and installing clean room, laboratory and isolation room system requires the utmost discipline, skill, knowledge and experienced personnel. Documentation, process and procedure are crucial and must well thought off, drafted, supervised and implemented.
The project management concept of safety, cleanliness and contamination, which are not found in commercial project is a critical requirement.

We have the experience, expertise and resources to effectively and efficiently manage and execute clean room, laboratory and isolation room automation projects.

System Validation:

One of the most critical works for a clean room, laboratory and isolation room control system supplier is the validation of the operational system. Validation is the process of verifying and certifying the working condition of the installed system performing to meet the designed specification or the working requirement of the plant. Validation is also to testify that the installed system adheres to all the industry’s standards, codes, regulations and safety requirements.

We have the process, calibrated tools, experience and resources to successfully validate a clean room, laboratory and isolation room automatic controls system.

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