Valves Actuators

SAUTER’s experience shows in every detail, every product and every solution SAUTER is an experienced manufacturer and provider of energy-efficient solutions for modern building automation. Intelligent control, measurement and regulation technology reflects SAUTER’s core expertise and the company’s success based on 100 years of research, development and production. SAUTER products maintain a universally high standard, from automation level through to field level, ensuring ideal conditions of well-being in all environments, whether they are used as stand-alone components or in composite systems.

Highly flexible for the best results
Our ‘Made in Switzerland’ components are much in demand in the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning industry. They are equally prized by installers, end customers and the manufacturing industry. Everyone appreciates their accurate control quality and easy installation. With just a few basic types, the current SAUTER range of valves and SUT actuators, with their in-built intelligence, provides a myriad of regulating units that will function reliably throughout a long serviceable life. That makes your choice logical and easy.

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