The term building automation encompasses the range of all measures for controlling, regulating, optimising and monitoring the climatic conditions in buildings. Creating and maintaining a healthy room climate has a significant effect on user comfort. As a specialist in this sector, SAUTER ensures the optimal utilisation of building automation – from the installation to energy-optimised operation of the automated installation.

With intelligent SAUTER building automation, you can optimise energy consumption and therefore effectively lower your operating costs. You reduce CO2 emissions and make an active contribution to environmental protection. Additionally, you enhance the well-being of the people in the rooms and, as a result, their productivity.

Contribution to the value retention of your investments

Our product range is always modular and flexible. With migration capability and backward compatibility with existing installations, we enable easy removal, sustainable renovations and the smooth modernisation of your buildings. And all without operation interruptions, in coexistence with existing installations or during the integration of new systems.

We ensure availability, operational reliability and the optimal utilization of the energy provision systems in your buildings (building automation; BA), as well as a comfortable room climate in the individual rooms (room automation; RA). We ensure the reliable operation of the installations and contribute to the value retention of your investments.

SAUTER can provide customised solutions for individual needs – including yours.

Automation through the latest technology
Building automation system topology with BACnet

The open communication standard BACnet (Building Automation Control Network) is our backbone. It’s the interface with which our controllers and automation stations communicate. Find out more about BACnet on the “Business & network” page.

Modular components

Modular components complete SAUTER building automation for holistic solutions – field buses and interfaces for specialised applications:

lighting control
cooling system
electrical sub-system
shading, window blinds
meters (heat, electricity, energy, etc.)
industry automation
hotel booking system, access controls, fire protection, etc.

You will find more detailed information on the technology we use in the downloads listed.

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