VAV compact controller for laboratory and pharmaceutical applications


How energy efficiency is improved

Allows demand-based volume flow control in order to optimise energy consumption in ventilation systems. Differential pressures of at least 1 Pa can be controlled to allow minimal volume flows at the lowest duct pressure and energy consumption.


  • Controlling the return air in fume cupboards and controlling the supply and return air in laboratories, clean rooms, hospital wards and operating theatres using a VAV box or a damper and flow probe

  • Static measurement of differential pressure based on the capacitive method of measurement

  • Zero point can be calibrated using software

  • Adjustable end values of the differential pressure measuring range

    • 50…150 Pa

    • 100…300 Pa

  • Can be used for measuring in areas with dirty or contaminated return air

  • Brushless DC motor guarantees minimum energy consumption and a long service life

  • Electromechanical torque-based switch-off for safe operation

  • Extremely simple installation due to self-centring shaft adapter

  • Disengageable gear unit for manual adjustment and positioning of damper

  • Easy programming of the following applications using the SAUTER CASE VAV software:

    • Volume flow control

    • Room pressure control

    • Duct pressure control

    • Flow control for fume cupboards

    • Efficient control algorithm for fast control loops

    • Integrated second control loop for:

      • Room-pressure control: can be ideally combined with EGP 100 with symmetrical measuring range

      • Fume-cupboard control ideally combined with SVU 100, SGU 100 and FCCP 200

    • 2 x RS-485 bus interface on RJ12 and connection terminal

      • Up to 31 subscribers in a segment with SLC (SAUTER Local Communication) protocol

      • Communication within network via BACnet MS/TP

      • Integration of EY-RU 3** digital room operating units

      • FCCP 200 display and alarm unit for fume-cupboard control or room monitoring

    • Input and output signals for connecting:

      • Setpoints and actual values

      • Analogue output

      • Priority control via switching contacts

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