Control System Design:

Designing control system for cleanroom, laboratory, and isolation room requires strong engineering background and a very thorough understanding of the process of the system being designed. The concept of designing a clean room, laboratory and isolation room automation system is very different from a commercial structure system. 

The industrial controls concept of redundancy, system hot standby, maximum throughput, minimum downtime and many more safety procedures and methods have to be thoroughly examined, understood, designed and adhered to, before a system can be implemented. All these require experience and qualified personnel. 

Project Management:

Having the know-how and experience to design control systems for critical or commercial projects is just part of the equation for a successful project. Most, if not all project stakeholders will agree that execution of the design on-site is equally if not more important than the design itself. Especially when a control system has to take into account all other specialist services and installations.

This is where Sauter Singapore excels, with our experienced site management and engineering team, our approach is to always ‘get the fundamentals/installation right’, which may not always be the easiest or most cost-effective way up front, but for a sustainable environment both from an energy and operating perspective, we believe this is a critical approach.

We are pleased to state that with our many years of experience, we are able to provide a complete solution with the following services in-house:

– site coordination
– wiring installation
– vav box / venturi valve supply
– controller / sensor placement
– advice on room integrity for critical environments
– chiller plant monitoring and verification

System Validation:

Finally, to tie-in the design and the installation, is the validation and verification process, to ensure that our customers’ needs and requirements are met.

With our experience in critical environments, we have also completed various GMP and RMS solutions. With Laboratories, our experience is not only the verification of critical laboratory controls but also working with partners to provide Fume Hood Certification services.

– lab/pharma validation – yes
– lab/pharma verification – yes
– RMS validation and verification
– coordination for fumehood certification


They say the difference lies in the detail. But we see things differently. Because only those who think comprehensively and let experience be reflected in far-sightedness can work in-depth and with precision. Customers experience this philosophy in all SAUTER products and systems. it is their proficiency in problem-solving that has for decades set the hearts of our staff beating for buildings of all types. this passion is the best qualification for being the ideal services provider, even after the commissioning of a building automation system – irrespective of the manufacturer. Accompanied by all of our practical knowledge and proven innovation. Discover this decisive and, above all, distinctive competitive edge offered by our far-reaching way of thinking- down to the finest detail if you wish.